"Where there is no vision, the people perish."

(Proverbs 29:18)

It is important to have a vision, a dream, or a goal in life.  The word "perish" in the original Greek language means "to make naked" or "to be bare."  The word "naked" or "nakedness" is often associated with poverty and lack.  Consequently, when people have no visions, dreams, or goals in life then their lives will ultimately be naked, bare, unfulfilled and unsuccessful.  Therefore, it is important  to have a vision, a dream, or a goal in life.

This is also true in the church world concerning the things of God.  The Father God knows that when His poeple have no v ision for the salvation of the lost or the edifying of the saved, then truly the people, both sinner and saint, will perish.  For this reason God said in Joel 2:28, "that in the last days He would pour out His Spirit upon all flesh.  Men and women would prophesy, old men would dream dreams, and young men would see "visions."

In 1985, I  received a God-given vision to begin and complete a God-ordained work.  The vision is two-foldA:

  1. A local church, and
  2. An outreach ministry.

Reachout Christian Center Church was founded in March, 1986.  It is a worshipping church, a Word teaching center, and a witnessing church.  Each believer has three God-given assignments: 1) To worship and praise God; 2) To grow up spiritually and edify each other; and 3) To reach out to a lost, sick, and oppressed world spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

Pastor David Foreman